Strawberry Couture

Custom-made, high quality tutus that glitter and glow!

Product Quality

I sew all of my tutus with my sewing machine, so nothing I make is "sew-free." Even when I decorate bras or corsets, I sew fabric and trim onto them to make something completely different than the original product. 

I use only the highest quality materials; all of my rhinestones are Swarovski crystal rhinestones so that your outfit will sparkle from far away. 

All of my lights have battery packs, but I always conceal them so that your outfit won't have unneccessary bulges or partially visable batteries. 


My name is Strawberry (aka Laurel), and I am the creator of Strawberry Couture. I just recently graduated from UCSB with a major in Linguistics and an emphasis in Japanese, and now I make costumes for a living. I have been interested in design ever since I took my one and only sewing class almost seven years ago. Since then, I have been self taught in the way of sewing and I create whatever I can whenever I can. Now I would like to share my creations with the world. Right now I do everything myself--designing, creating, sewing, advertising, marketing, and even electrical repairing (never thought I would learn how attach and solder lights!). I'm hoping to expand my business in the future, but in the meanwhile, thanks for being patient with my timing. :)